Saturday, October 22, 2011

Anyone heard of the teeth whitening product, celebrity sexy teeth?

Anyone heard of the teeth whitening product, celebrity sexy teeth?
I want to try some at home product for teeth whitening, any suggestions??

Suggestion by Joshua G

Suggestion by sproc
crest is a pretty good brand.. but rembrandt brand is the best by far.

or if you want to go above and beyond, just get your teeth whitened by your dentist.. its pretty quick and for the first day after it is recommended that you just eat white foods

hope that somewhat helped

Suggestion by Jazzy
Crest White Strips! I use them and I always get complimented on my white teeth : ) They’re only about $ 30 a box where I live, but trust me they are worth it. Movie Star smile in no time!

has anyone tried Celebrity *Sexy* teeth ultra whitening smile enhancer?
surveys say that Celebrity whitening is the best teeth whitener and brite smile came in second place. they guarantee eight shades whiter in just 14 days… i purchased it and im going on day 14 and its not 8 shades whiter.. i do see massive improvement.. did anyone get 8 shades whiter in 14 days

Suggestion by chad b
8 shades! that sounds ridiculous

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