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do photo studios whiten teeth?

do photo studios whiten teeth? whiten teeth studios photo

do photo studios whiten teeth?
photographers who take photos for the yearbooks do they photoshop and whiten the teeth?

Suggestion by 1970 Mopar Muscle Gal
usually not unless requested/paid for

Suggestion by EddY
yes they will why because iv done so, my dads a photographer at kodak pics n flix so yes hopefully the ppl who are taking your skool pics will be nice enough to do so. if not well ASK them wont hurt to try you know. but never the less hope that everything turns out fine with you and your photos

Suggestion by cupidkiller
i doubt it but u can always ask

do photo studios whiten teeth? whiten teeth studios photo

do photo studios whiten teeth? whiten teeth studios photo

How to whiten my teeth?
I just got my braces off today, and there are white stains on my teeth from the plak they said it was. mostly on my two front teeth, its not covering the whole thing its not to big but its noticeable in the light… Any idea how to whiten my teeth up to where the plack is, or if i can take the plack away? the color of my teeth probably looke like his currently.

And i am trying to achieve

thanks for the help guys… Finally got my braces off.. They said the plack is there from not brushing UNDER my braces, how the hell am I suppose to brush UNDER my bracse… Thanks..

Suggestion by Dr. Pepper
There is one secret that dentists don’t want you to know!

The secret for whiter teeth is baking soda!!!
Take some baking soda, mix it with water to get a sort of viscous liquid, then just apply to toothbrush and brush!

Your teeth will be whiter 100%, but don’t do this everyday, maybe 1-2 a week!

Good Luck!!

Suggestion by Dr. Pepper
Try washing you mouth out with peroxide after you brush your teeth.

Suggestion by la smiley92594
Certain substances,such as Coffee,tea,and tobacco stain the enamel of teeth.Dentists use special bleaches to remove stains from teeth.But if you don’t want a trip to the dentist use hydrogen peroxide Carefully as a mouth rinse.

do photo studios whiten teeth? whiten teeth studios photo

How to whiten your teeth without paying too much?
Is there any cheap products that would help me get my teeth whitened without paying alot of money out? I have had yellow teeth since i was a teen and i want to be able to smile when i take photos but i get too embarrased and be more confident around people. Thanks do photo studios whiten teeth? whiten teeth studios photo

Suggestion by Babycakes
You can mix up a little baking soda and peroxide and dip your toothbrush in there. It makes a hufe difference

Suggestion by Bluegoldfish
Aside from getting them bleached by your dentist or using the store bought teeth whitening kit (like the strips or trays near where you find tooth paste at the drug store), you can always get pretty good results from brushing with a baking soda mixture. Crush a ripe strawberry with half a teaspoon or so of baking soda. Spread it on your teeth. Let sit for a few minutes and then brush! Floss. Then rinse and spit using a peroxide and water mix (50/50). Make sure to wash out any remaining peroxide with water, you don’t want to swallow it.

Good Luck!

Suggestion by xx_Jen_xx
crest whitening strips are my hero!

what teeth looke like on the inside

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