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what is the best home teeth whitening kit available in the uk?

what is the best home teeth whitening kit available in the uk?
well as it says above what are peoples opinions on the best home teeth whitening kit you can buy, my teeth are not badly stained at all i would just like bling bling white teeth! Thanks In Advance

Suggestion by R S

Here a few simple home remedies which can be tried at home. Lemon juice, baking soda or baking powder can also be used for teeth whitening. Rubbing the bark of walnut tree brightens the teeth. Strawberries are natural teeth whiteners, simply rub them directly on your teeth or mash into a paste and apply. Apple cider vinegar can also be used for teeth whitening.More remedies and information regarding your teeth at

Suggestion by Lauril
i use crest whitening strips, im pretty sure that they would have them in the uk, they work really good

Suggestion by Chris-Alan
Hi my friend,

This is probably not what you were expecting to hear, but please be open-minded and hear me out because I want to help you.

My dentist told me $ 400 for the trays of professional whitener professionally molded to the shape of your teeth.
($ 200 top, $ 200 bottom)

but if I wait until January, it’s discounted to only $ 300
($ 150 top, $ 150 bottom)

My dentist also offers Zoom which uses light to whiten, but that costs $ 800 and does the same thing.

Both options my dentist offered are 10x better than the whiten-at-home things, and they are done professionally.


You see, for only $ 300 I can get my teeth professionally whitened, but if I spend $ 80 like ten times over the course of several years for the ones like Luminous Brites (SCAM), I could have just as easily spent that $ 800 on the light-whitening thing at the dentist, or I could do the $ 300 option that is just as good, and used the other $ 500 on something more important.

Also, think about the time you’ll have to spend doing it yourself – not to mention most people never even finish one set of them because it’s tedious!

Also, all the ones you can do yourself like Lumious Brites (SCAM) many people have reported it causing sensitive gums, which is a serious dental issue and could cost you another $ 1,000 – $ 3,000 in dentist costs!

So just save like $ 300 and get your dentist to professionally do it for you. Then you have no worries!

Also it’s just a waste of money to pay for the light-whitening or laser-whitening. The dentist makes a ton of money off it too, so don’t let him/her sell you on it! It really works no better than the professional whitening that is placed in a plastic/rubber/ish [professional] impression of your teeth.

Also your dentist knows what he’s doing and if he screws up you can sue him for malpractice so at least you have a fall-back plan so you don’t get screwed up gums and stuck with a $ 3,000 dental bill. If you screw up your gums yourself, you have no fall-back plan; and plus you’re not an expert but your dentist is.

Hope this helps! Good luck! No matter if it’s for a wedding, a job interview, or just to improve your appearance if you want whiter teeth and a beautiful smile, Then our professional teeth whitening products is your solution. Let’s face it; no matter how well you take care of your teeth, they never seem to be as white as the teeth of the model in your favorite magazine. But having a whiter, brighter smile is not as difficult as it might seem and can be achieved by using our range of teeth whitening products

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