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WHat are some home remedies to whiten teeth without being abrasive and damaging enamel?

WHat are some home remedies to whiten teeth without being abrasive and damaging enamel?
Hi i would like to whiten my teeth from home but is it possible without damaging enamel?

Suggestion by Brenda S
Using a baking soda and peroxide toothpaste on a regular basis can often whiten your teeth. Peroxide is a natural germ killer and baking soda is an abrasive without damage to your enamel on your teeth. Mentadent is my favorite kind but you can choose which ever you want

Suggestion by LJlittle
A lot of people will say baking soda – but baking soda is very abrasive and will damage your enamel.
Try rubbing an orange peel on your teeth – the white part against your teeth. It has an acid that’s not strong enough to damage your enamel in any way, but it whitens your teeth.
Or you could try mashed strawberries – brush your teeth with them every morning, after brushing with toothpaste. They have something in them that whitens teeth.
Both methods are from a book called “the black book of hollywood secrets” and i’ve done them both – and they work!
Good luck =)

Suggestion by get g
There aren’t any. Read this –

Suggestion by GG
The truth is that most of the home remedies that you can do yourself will either be abrasive, or they won’t whiten your teeth very much. Baking soda is very abrasive (it’s used to clean things, hello!) and using fruit doesn’t seem like a very good idea because who wants to rub fruit on their teeth all day? The best idea is to either get it done professionally, or grab some Crest Whitestrips. Most home remedies won’t give you as good of results.

Suggestion by rose
i recommed it to u, it is very white to my tooth.

The home recipes for whiter teeth is a paste consisting of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, table salt and a dab of toothpaste. It is a cheap, safe and effective way to keep your teeth white over time. But it has a bad taste.

The recipes of teeth whitening paste is :
3 Teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide
2 Teaspoons of baking soda
1/2 Teaspoons of table salt
Some toothpaste

if u want to use any damaging enamel, try
Orange Peels – A best easiest, effective and safe way for numerous individuals

the site give me a lot of help, u can visit it
Reviews and Recipes for 8 Common Remedies Natural Ways To Teeth Whitening At Home

Home remedies to whiten teeth?
Is there a way to whiten teeth without using strips, etc? Is there a way to get white teeth using home remedies using natural ingredients and what can I use? How long until results are seen?

Suggestion by Tiffany
The classical is usually baking soda every other day when you brush. It’s actually listed as one of the “uses” of baking soda along with a couple other things. Pretty handy WHat are some home remedies to whiten teeth without being abrasive and damaging enamel? without whiten teeth some remedies home enamel damaging being abrasive Don’t know as far as seeing results go, but it is pretty nationally known, so GOOD LUCK WHat are some home remedies to whiten teeth without being abrasive and damaging enamel? without whiten teeth some remedies home enamel damaging being abrasive

Suggestion by EscalatorKid
You can use baking soda to clean your teeth better. As far as whitening goes, I’m not sure.

It will polish your teeth very nicely (a mixture of paste and baking soda works great) but to truly get them whiter, you probably need a professional kit.

At least give the baking soda/toothpaste a try. It doesn’t taste that wonderful, but it really works wonders cleaning your teeth. (Also, try some in your shampoo– it really cleans out your hair, too…)

Suggestion by Rayne
Dip your toothbrush in peroxide then in baking soda. However, be careful when brushing around the gums and don’t do it very often. Maybe twice a week. I notice results in a couple of brushing’s, but it really depends on your diet. Anything that might stain your teeth will hamper your success.

Suggestion by AC
Baking soda whitens teeth, since it’s abrasive and removes surface stains. Just mix it with a bit of water and brush with it (should have a paste-like consistency). If the taste is too overwhelming, mix it with your regular toothpaste.Also, you can rinse with peroxide. It’s pretty effective. Most over-the-counter whiteners have peroxide.

I alternate between both methods and have pretty white teeth. Of course, the result is never as good as a treatment in your dentist’s office. Your teeth won’t be white-out like, more like pearly white.

Just brush and rinse once every day. You’ll see quite a difference in two weeks. Make sure you don’t overdo this! The result can be quite bad.

Tip: brush your teeth with regular toothpaste after every meal. This helps remove stains. You don’t want to whiten and stain at the same time. Avoid highly colored food, like fruit punch juice.

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