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Where i can get the best at home teeth whitening?

Where i can get the best at home teeth whitening?
I am getting my braces off tomorrow and I want to go buy something to whiten my teeth afterwards.
I was going to have it professionally done but that is way to expensive.
what are some good at home whitening things.

Suggestion by Alwin E
The best thing you can do is use a 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) solution. It’s about the same thing that’s used for hair bleeching, and it’s a disinfectant, too. Ask your dentist for a scrip; I don’t know whether it’s freely available at drugstores. Here in Europe, you can buy it for little money at pharmacies, and it helps. Mind the instructions: Do NOT swallow it, but just let it work on your teeth for half a minute, then spit it out.

H2O2 dissolves into H2O (water) and free oxygen. The oxygen then combines with the “dirt” on your teeth and cleans them thouroughly, at the same time killing many of the bacteria you have in your mouth. It tastes like — water, and is much cheaper and easier to handle than Listerine or any other commercial mouthwash.

Suggestion by rema
if you are looking for the best teeth whitening, check out this site

You’ll get a white and bright smile just in 1-2 days and it’ll last for 6 months or longer.

Suggestion by Cukus
Due to personal experience the best teeth whitening product by far is called Idol White, its a newish one and has been on the market only a few months but its done wonders for me and my wife. Im an ex smoker and used to enjoy alot of sweets and chocolate so my teeth were very stained and yellow, especially all that coffee as well didnt help.

Anyway i came across a free trial of idol white so it saved me some money, all i had to do was pay shipping and handling. I gave it a try and it was awesome, mine and my wifes teeth are lovely and white and those ex smokers stains are now gone and i now feel much more confident about smiling in public.

If you want to try the same free trial as me then click here

Suggestion by AKA_SH N
the most effective and the easiest home tooth whitening method is to use a soap bar. It is preferable that your bar contains glycerol. You can apply it to tooth brush and add half of a teaspoon of baking soda with a sprinkle of salt.

I personally did this once-twice a week at most 3 times a week. You should not do this regiment for more than two weeks at a time and never back to back months. It may degrade the enamel.

Your teeth will become brighter when you destroy or clean the dirty coat; this is what baking soda and dentist teeth cleaning method does.

Suggestion by mibale
Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

There are said to be many “home remedies” for teeth whitening. In this article we explain each teeth whitening home remedy and its effect on teeth. Some may help, but most home remedies will damage your teeth.

Whitening Teeth with Lemon Juice

Procedure: Brushing teeth with lemon juice

Lemon juice is an acid and can harm your teeth. You may end up with a LOT of cavities and irreparably damaged tooth enamel. The reason that lemon juice “works” is that it causes the teeth to lose calcium (which gives teeth some of their off-white color). Calcium is a major component of healthy teeth, and once it is lost, your teeth become very susceptible to decay. DO NOT use lemon juice for whitening.

Whitening Teeth with Wood Ash

Procedure: Brushing teeth using wood ash (i.e. from your fireplace)

The reason wood ash whitens your teeth is because it contains potassium hydroxide (aka lye). However, only hard wood ash contains significant concentrations of potassium hydroxide. Soft wood ash does not. Before lye was available commercially, soap was made by leeching the potassium hydroxide from hard wood ash and then combining it with tallow (rendered animal fat). You may want to exercise caution when using hard wood ash too often as a tooth whitening agent. The harshness of the potassium hydroxide could significantly damage your teeth over time.

Whitening Teeth with Strawberries

Procedure: Brushing teeth using mashed strawberries

It is not advisable to brush your teeth with strawberries. The sugar and acid in the strawberry will harm your teeth more than it will help if you don’t immediately brush your teeth with regular toothpaste. If you choose to brush with strawberries, be sure to brush your teeth immediately afterwards with fluoride toothpaste, and also to floss.

Whitening Teeth with Baking Soda

Procedure: Using Baking Soda with toothpaste while brushing

Baking Soda won’t bleach your teeth, but it will help get plaque off and make them shine. Be warned that Baking Soda is an abrasive and if you use it too much, the enamel on your teeth can get damaged.…

Where i can get the best at home teeth whitening? whitening teeth home Best

Good teeth whiteners for at home whitening?
I am in need of some serious teeth whitening, but do’t have the money to go get it done professionally. Any recommendations for some really good at home teeth whitening systems? Thank you.

Suggestion by charmaine
You can ask your dentist about having them whitened. It cost about $ 500.00 or try dazzle white, it works really great to get white teeth
and the best thing you can try it for free

Suggestion by liveeitup;
baking soda works great Where i can get the best at home teeth whitening? whitening teeth home Best

Suggestion by Jewell
Hi Lexie,

The teeth whitening system I prefer is Alta White. You can get a trial of the product for shipping and handling costs only. It is dentist approved too which makes me much more comfortable about using it.

Suggestion by Tracy
Just so you know you don’t need a pile of money to get professional looking results. There are many free offers out there that can get your teeth up to 9 shades brighter just during the free trial.

Where i can get the best at home teeth whitening? whitening teeth home Best

What is the best at home teeth whitening?
I am getting my braces off tomorrow and I want to go buy something to whiten my teeth afterwards.
I was going to have it professionally done but that is way to expensive.
what are some good at home whitening things.

Suggestion by kat
crest white strips. its a good price & really works.

Suggestion by find s
A cheap and natural tooth whitening home remedy uses few strawberries but certain precautions have to be taken. I found the information at

Suggestion by healthwise357
if you want to keep teeth even whiter, have a talk with a dentist about the best teeth whitening kit. you can also choose a teeth whitening that has quality ingredients that can be able to restore white teeth.

you can also avoid culprits that can stain teeth like chocolates, tea, coffee, red wine, sauces, colas and more.

also make it a habit to brush and floss teeth every after meal to remove stains caused by foods and drinks. visit for more tips on how to keep teeth whiter.

Suggestion by beauty gal
There are several types of products available for use at home. Some of these tooth whitening products can be easily purchased off the shelves of pharmacy while others are dispensed by your dentist.

One popular tooth whitening product that you can use is bleaching solution that contains peroxide for bleaching tooth enamel. The bleaching agent in these products is usually carbamide peroxide, which is available in 10, 16 and 22 percent concentrations.

Whiteners that contain peroxide typically come in gel form and are placed in a mouthguard. Some products are used twice a day for 2 weeks while others are intended for overnight use for a 1 to 2 weeks period. If you can obtain the bleaching solution from your dentist, he will be able to construct a custom mouth guard to fit your teeth precisely. Currently, the American Dental Association endorses only dentist-dispensed home-use percent carbamide peroxide tray-applied gels.

In addition to bleaching solution, whitening strips are increasingly being used as a preferred tooth whitening product. For instance, you are now able to get your hands on a set of Crest Whitestrips Supreme from any convenience store. The flexible, invisible strips are coated with an enamel-safe tooth bleaching gel. To whiten your teeth, you simply place the strips on your teeth and wear them for about 15 to 30 minutes each day. After a period of about 21 days, you should be able to see a significant difference on the brightness of your teeth.

For other effective home teeth whitening solutions, you may wish to read about them here :

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